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Top 10 NHS dietary advice FAILS (from a doctor)

The 10 fails are:

10. Approaching healthy eating / nutrition from a calories-in vs calories-out energy balance focus (failing to take into account Leptin).

9. Basing meals on starchy carbohydrates (failing to understand the root cause of insulin resistance, number one driver of obesity and chronic disease).

8. Minimising fat intake (due to it's calorie density).

7. Promoting seed oils (vegetable oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil) as healthy, whilst stating saturated fat is bad / causes cardiovascular disease - papers on this are listed below).

6. Advising people not to delay or skip meals, including breakfast (failing to appreciate time restricted eating / intermittent fasting).

5. Advice of healthy snacks.

4. Advice on artificial sweeteners as a substitute for sugar.

3. No mention of the gut microbiome, of organic food being better for humans and the environment than non-organic food, of minimally processed or unprocessed foods in preference to overly processed foods, or the quality or nutritional density of food choices.

2. Switching from full cream / full fat / whole milk to semi skimmed / reduced fat milk to help kids lose weight (!). Failing to take into account fat soluble vitamins including vitamin D.

1. Some of the recipe examples given.

Links to papers on saturated fat:

Dr Philip Bosanquet The Low-Tech Lifestyle Medic


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