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Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultancy

General Health

 Cover the main aspects of health and wellbeing. We will listen to your goals and specific circumstances to create personalised advice tailored to your needs. We always address energy levels, since having sufficient energy is a key factor for successful change. 


Stress is a key health concern, that should be addressed and not be accepted as normal. We can help provide you tools to combat stress, personalised to your unique situation.

Weight Loss

Focus in on weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. No calorie counting involved. We will provide education regarding the hormones regulating weight, so that you can understanding the logic behind the most effective weight loss strategies. We will explore other specific factors that may be holding you back.  


Good sleep is key to good health and something we think everyone should be able to have. We will help you understand the circadian rhythms of key hormones and body processes, and the practical steps you can take to optimise them in order to unlock better sleep. 


Digestion issues are increasingly common, so this service targets them, including symptoms such as bloating, indigestion and IBS. Understanding your gut and the microbiome will set the basis for the tools needed to improve your symptoms. We will work with your specific dietary requirements or preferences. 

Bespoke Services

We can offer completely bespoke packages to accommodate your requirements for any health or wellness goal. Please get in contact to discuss options further. 

All our services are tailored to your needs. We provide one-off consultations, follow up consultations, or packages for regular ongoing support towards your goals. Below are some examples of popular consultation requests. We charge £150 for an initial consultation lasting approximately 60 mins, and £65 for follow up consultations lasting approximately 30 mins. We work both face-to-face and remotely. 


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