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An alternate way to interpret and optimise your cholesterol levels

LDL “bad” cholesterol and total cholesterol may not be as helpful to focus on as the fasting triglyceride to HDL “good” cholesterol ratio, when it comes to cardiovascular disease and health in general. I go through lifestyle tips to optimise your levels, and more importantly improve your metabolic health, reduce vascular inflammation and reduce insulin resistance. I also discuss LDL subfractions and ApoB.

Is LDL cholesterol associated with long-term mortality among primary prevention adults? A retrospective cohort study from a large healthcare system by Kevin E Kip, David Diamond, Suresh Mulukutla, Oscar C Marroquin, used under creative commons license.

Qrisk3 calculator:

Ratio for identifying metabolic syndrome:

Ratio for identifying metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease:

Comparison of triglyceride glucose index and HbA1C as a marker of prediabetes - A preliminary study:

Relationship of ratio to small dense LDL:


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